When: September 2019
Where: 2019 CSCMP Edge Conference  https://cscmpedge.org/ehome/cscmp2019/edge2019agenda/

It was a pleasure to moderate a panel session at the 2019 CSCMP conference. The session, ” Why Your Business Needs a Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Program ” was enjoyable and gave me the opportunity to learn the impact that these programs are having on businesses. This is no longer something that companies should do out of charity. There is a documented business value that comes from sourcing from diverse suppliers that will bring new perspectives and innovations to your business.

Details on the Session:

A diversity and inclusion program is good for business and innovation, it reflects your corporate values, it boosts profit and aligns your business values with your stakeholders. Learn about Intel and UPS’ journey in this space and how you can apply some of their lessons in your company for long-term value.

  • Learn about the hidden but significant value of supplier diversity and inclusion programs.
  • Examine Intel’s journey in adopting this program early on and how it has boosted their business.
Clay Atkins, Manager, Supplier Diversity & Inclusion, Intel Corporation
Katie Date, Manager, Corporate And SCALE Network Outreach, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kris Oswold, Director of Supplier Diversity, UPS