The MIT CTL Women in Supply Chain Initiative (WISCI) seeks to better understand gender balance in supply chain management. We aim to create knowledge and tools for people interested in creating more gender balance in their organizations.

In March 2019 we welcomed 60+ professionals from various industries and backgrounds to participate in our Women in Supply Chain Summit.

The summit, hosted by our supply chain exchange partner CONVERSE, sparked conversations regarding finding balance in the Supply Chain, Filling the Talent Gap, Mentorship, Sponsorship & Networking, and Leading Global Teams.

We gathered comments and insights throughout the event to help better understand the steps needed to create a balance in the field of Supply Chain. Click on the graphic to download.

This summit was just the first step in building out our initiative, to support the growth of women professionals in the Supply Chain industry, so stay tuned for future events and gatherings. Additionally, we will be producing an event recap on our Medium blog in the upcoming weeks.

If you’re interested in collaborating on future events or want to participate in the initiative reach out to Katie Date at

Summit Speakers & CTL Members: Renee Ure, Jim Rice, Nicole Zukowski, Francini Ortiz, Amy Newell, Maria Nieradka, MBA, Eva Ponce Cueto, Maria Jesus Saenz, Sana Raheem, Stuart Teale, Dana Stiffler, Inez Leyden, Leah McGuire, FCXP (CX-I), Qiuyan Xu, Meredith Neizer, @Jill Metalon, Marina Mattos, Inma Borrella, Suzanne Greene, Angi Acocella, Ken Cottrill, Karla Gamez, Samantha Varney

Summit Photo Recap